Seasonal specialties



The meaning of the starters is different in the various international cuisines.

For us they are the prelude to a sequence of courses.

They are intended to stimulate the stomach to make him excited about the pleasures that will follow.


Tortino di zucchine su crema di verdure

Homemade pie of zucchini and Ricotta-cheese on vegetable cream.

12,50 €

Insalata di mare

Seafood salad, made from various fresh seafood.

16,50 €

Tartar Il MONDO

Beef tenderloin tartar from the filet USA (choice or prime grade ), with olive oil, onions, pistachios and parmesan cheese. Served on rocket salad with garlic crostini.

18,90 €

Tartar di pesce spada su crema di bufala

Swordfish tartare on buffalo mozzarella cream. The tartare is smoked directly on the plate under a glass bell.

18,50 €

Main courses


Rigatoni al sugo di bocconcini di vitello

Homemade Rigatoni with veal snacks on tomato sauce.
17,50 €

Ravioli al basilico con pomodorini e parmigiano

Homemade ravioli filled with basil and ricotta, with fresh cocktail tomato sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese..
17,50 €

Spaghetti al tartufo e Parmigiano

Homemade spaghetti with parmesan and black truffle. Without artificial aromas !!!

28,50 €

Tentacoli di polpo alla griglia

Grilled octopus tentacles.
22,50 €

Tagliata con cipolle di tropea

Rumpsteak (Halal beef), gegrillt, tranchiert und im Holzofen gebacken, mit gebratene rote Zwiebeln aus TROPEA. (Weltweit als die süßeste Zwiebel bekannt).

24,50 €

Filetto di manzo Wagyu australiano premium

Beef fillet steak (Wagyu australian premium cooked with the 800 degree beefer).
54,50 €