Seasonal specialties



The meaning of the starters is different in the various international cuisines.

For us they are the prelude to a sequence of courses.

They are intended to stimulate the stomach to make him excited about the pleasures that will follow.


Tortino di castagne e porcini con crema al gorgonzola

Warm cake of porcini mushroom and chestnut with creme of gorgonzola cheese.

13,50 €

Carpaccio di cervo con tartufo nero

Carpaccio of venison, with Pecorino cheese, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and black truffle. To that, crostini with garlic.

16,50 €

Tartar Il MONDO

Beef tenderlion tartar from the filet of corn fed beef from Nebraska, with olive oil, onions, pistachios and parmesan cheese. Served on rocket salad with garlic crostini.

16,90 €

Gamberi con tartufo.(Affumicato in campana)

Prawns, with black truffle. The Prawns are smoked directly on the plate under a glass bell.

18,50 €

Main courses


Casarecce Reggiane (Table service)

Homemade casarecce noodle in tomato sauce with porcini mushroom and parma ham, served at the table out a wheel of parmesan (Prepared at your table).
18,50 €

Cuori di Calabria

Homemade heart shaped ravioli filled with `Nduja (spicy sausage from Calabria) and ricotta cheese. With Tomato sauce and pecorino cheese.
16,50 €

Spaghetti al tartufo e Parmigiano

Homemade spaghetti with parmesan and black truffle. Without artificial aromas !!!

27,50 €

Filetti di Orata all´acqua pazza

Bream filets with tomatoes, capers and anchovies.
22,50 €

Tagliata con cipolle di Tropea

Grilled rumpsteak, sliced and baked with onions from Tropea.

22,50 €

Bistecca in crosta surf and turf

King prawns with grilled rump steak Botswana (Kosher cut), baked a in wood oven with a pizza crust.
29,50 €